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Private Investigations:

Confidential Investigations

Personal, Family,

Small Businesses, Large Corporations,

Organizations, and Non-Profits.

Our investigative staff is composed of a wide variety of people with various investigative, analytical and business talents.  The complexity of our investigations can range from local to national to international in scope.  As private investigators we find facts and analyze information about legal, financial, business and personal matters through a combination of professional, comprehensive and confidential investigative methodologies based on substantiated facts, not rumors and innuendoes. 

Because many of our senior investigators have law enforcement investigative experiences at the local, state and federal levels coupled with business experiences we have an excellent working knowledge of not only laws and proper legal procedures but also various business processes to provide our clients with the broadest and deepest set of experiences needed to address their particular needs.

All of our investigations are confidential in nature and follow appropriate privacy laws and other legal issues affecting our client and the investigative process.  We use sound and ethical judiciousness when determining how to pursue an investigation including collecting evidence properly, both physical and electronic, so that it can be admitted into a court of law on our client’s behalf.  Our investigative priority is our client and our client’s investigative goals.

Our investigative services include, but are not limited to:

logo Litigation Support

logo Civil Rights

logo Negligence

logo Fraud

logo Domestic / Family Issues

logo Court Appointed Investigations

logo Homicide / Suicide

logo EEO Violations

logo Workplace Violence

logo Counterfeit products

logo Due Diligence

logo Background

logo Skip Tracing / Missing Persons

logo Customs Investigations

logo Immigration Investigations

logo Money Laundering

logo Corporate Malfeasance / Issues

logo Supply Chain Issues

logo Computer Forensics

logo Insurance / Workers Compensation



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